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Date: Jul 06, 2008, 18:12

thx, for your programs, they are very useful
With best regards Alexa

Jon Jermey

Homepage: http://www.aussi.org

Date: Mar 01, 2006, 15:04

From a quick inspection it appears that it:

Goes through a collection of .HTML and other files collecting the titles and filenames. Makes an alphabetical list of these. Allows the user to edit the items in the list, move them up and down and organise them into a hierarchical tree structure. Produces an HTML file based on the list or tree structure in which the items appear as hyperlinks to the original files.

Access from locators is to the file level only and there's no provision in the program for the user to see the page while they are editing the entry for that page. One could use it to produce an index provided the information was in file-sized 'chunks', but I wouldn't call it 'indexing software'.

On the other hand it could be a useful adjunct to web indexing, it's a lot cheaper than other programs I've encountered in this field, and it's reasonably elegant, so I think it deserves support.

Andreas Petri

Homepage: http://www.petri-design.de

Date: Aug 02, 2005, 21:07

Hello 'easy HTools' Team!

It's a very useful tool! Have a good time.

Andreas Petri

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