How to Download Games Via Windows Laptop

How to Download Games Via Windows Laptop

Laptops can not only be used for office activities, but can also be used for entertainment, one of which is playing games through a laptop. Well, to get a game application you can go through several ways. The first way to download games is through the windows store, which is the official application provided by Microsoft. Here, you can download various free and paid game applications. For windows 8 and 10 the application is automatically installed, but for the Windows 7 OS, you have to install it manually through the official website.
Well, the first requirement is to download the game through the windows store, which is already connected to a Microsoft account. If it is already connected, here are the steps to download it:

1. The first step you have to do is open the windows store application
2. Then, enter the game category
3. You will find a variety of games, choose your favorite game
4. If you have chosen your favorite game, click on the words “install” and wait until the process is complete
5. If it is installed perfectly, the game application will appear on the start menu or your laptop desktop.

How to Download Games Via Windows Laptop
Apart from going through the windows store, there are other ways to download games through a laptop. One of them is through the Steam application, a digital distribution platform used to download and play games. When compared to the windows store, the Steam application has more interesting features, especially for game applications. To be able to download games through Steam, you must download the Steam application through the official website. Once installed, here are the steps to download games via Steam:

1. Open the installed steam application
2. Please log in using the steam account that you have created. If you don’t have an account, please register to create a new account
3. If you have logged in, go to the “store” menu, select the games menu and choose the free to play one
4. Use the search feature to type the name of the game you are looking for
5. After getting the game you are looking for, select the play game menu
6. Then check the option create desktop shortcut, and click next
7. Wait until the download process is complete
If the download process is complete, the game you downloaded will automatically appear on your laptop desktop screen. And you can play the game for free.
The third way to be able to download game applications on a laptop is through an emulator. With emulators you can get various kinds of android games that can be played on laptops. Here are some types of emulators that can be used for Windows laptops:

1. BlueStack: This is the most popular emulator that can be used to install Android games and applications on the Windows operating system.
2. PPSP: This emulator you can use to play PSP games on a windows laptop.
3. PCSX2: This third emulator you can use to play PS2 console type games using the Windows operating system.
4. ePSXe: With this emulator, you can not only play PS2 console games, but also PS1 console games. Both can be run on the windows operating system.
Apart from using third-party applications, you can also download games through the game’s official website. Some game developers provide official websites as a place to download games and make updates. The way is easier, you just type the name of the game in the google search engine, and the official site is usually at the very top.